On yachts, Power Quality is essential to ensuring the safety, reliability and capacity of electrical installations. Due to the increased use of inverters - such as LED lighting and variable speed drives - excessive harmonic distortion in voltage and current can occur. Poor power quality can also manifest itself in flickering lights, heat build-up, overloading of generators and switchgear and fast aging of connected equipment. To prevent such issues, certification companies set requirements for the maximum harmonic pollution on yachts. A common requirement is a maximum voltage harmonic distortion (THDu) of 5% - but meeting the standard does not guarantee a trouble-free installation.

HyTEPS can help in various ways:

  • Power Quality measurements
  • Commissioning, inspection and service visits.
  • Reduce harmonic distortions created by multiple devices with an Active Harmonic Filter
  • AC + DC Arc Flash tests
  • Identifying a problem (during construction or after commissioning)
  • Delivering and maintaining solutions throughout the lifecycle

HyTEPS can support you with any power quality issue you may have. Contact us today!