Mushroom Nursery ‘t Voske

“Socially responsible for cultivating mushrooms in an economically sound manner with the aim of producing climate neutrality” is the mission of mushroom nursery ‘t Voske B.V.

Energy and climate neutral

The mushroom Nursey ‘t Voske, located in Uden, is specialized in chestnut mushrooms and portabellas. What makes ‘t Voske so unique is that they are the world its first mushroom nursery to build a completely energy and climate neutral nursery. This means that as little energy as possible is lost and consequently there will be a reduced number of waste and transport flows.

Excessive reactive current

After mounting a generator, ‘t Voske experienced problems with the reactive current. In addition, by installing the generator, they noticed that the power on the terminal became too high, which posed a risk. In order to prevent a fine from the energy supplier and to allow the installation to run effectively and safely, mushroom nursery ’t Voske contacted HyTEPS via their local installer Vegatech.

Temporary Workaround

After the Power Quality measurements and problem analysis, it appeared that a capacitor bank was the solution to the problems of mushroom nursery ’t Voske. However, the delivery time of the capacitor bank was 6 to 8 weeks. As a temporary solution, HyTEPS placed an Active Harmonic Filter, which immediately diminished most of the problems of ‘t Voske. The Active Harmonic Filer was replaced by the intended capacitor bank after a few weeks.

Fully and safely operating

After the commissioning of the capacitor bank, the generator of the mushroom nursery can run effectively and safely. In addition, the Cos Phi is completely restored in the installation, unnecessary losses are prevented and capacity is increased.