Automatic temperature recording and instant detection and notification of faults to Clondalkin

Automatic temperature recording and instant detection and notification of faults to Clondalkin

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The HyTEPS monitoring system helps us realize a sustainable production process. An additional advantage is the significant save of time and costs because of the system’s automatic temperature registration and error alerts.
Jan Konijnenbrug, Technical Service Supervisor at Clondalkin Flexible Packaging
 Realizing a sustainable production process

Improving sustainable production

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Rotterdam is a producer of flexible packaging material. The factory produces around the clock and uses large machinery. Clondalkin aims to constantly realize a more sustainable production process and is therefore always looking at durable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Savings through behavior

“Only by knowing where and when most energy is being used, solutions can be sought to reduce energy consumption. Because of the broad range of features and possibilities for expanding, we have chosen for HyTEPS monitoring system. The system provides insight into the energy consumption of every individual user in the factory, which paves the road to realize a sustainable production process. Errors are detected immediately and reported in the user interface, so measures can be taken right away.”

Measuring temperature conform HACCP

“We have expanded the monitoring system with the temperature registration conform HACCP feature. All exhausts are burned by an afterburner, which limits the emission of environmentally harmful materials. Every temperature in the afterburner is automatically registered, so no more manual checks are necessary.”
“Because of the diverse features of the HyTEPS monitoring system, Clondalkin absolutely sees possibilities to further integrate the system in our company processes.”


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