On a yacht in Cannes during the fireworks festival

You go to places you normally wouldn’t go

“Last summer, I visited Cannes during the annual fireworks festival. During this time, I got to carry out a Power Quality scan on a vast luxury yacht”.

Arnau Sans, Electrical Engineer at HyTEPS

New Power Quality measurements

“Some years before my visit, a different company had performed quality measurements for the client, after which he had made some adjustments to his yacht’s electrical installation. The purpose of my visit was to carry out new Power Quality measurements, determine the quality of the voltage and current at that time, and gauge whether any further improvements would be possible, or even necessary”.


“A smaller boat transported me from the harbour to the yacht, which was not moored but anchored a little further away in the water. I received a very warm welcome and was well supported by the on-board technical engineer during the course of my work. The report I created afterwards was very clear for the client. It provided him with him the information he needed to fine-tune his electrical installation. Another satisfied customer!”

“This trip was made even more enjoyable by the fact that the weather was lovely and there was a great deal of activity in and around the harbour where the yacht was moored. In the evening, after work, I could stroll around and enjoy the view and the atmosphere. On one evening, I got to experience the fireworks spectacle. I saw the yacht on which I had previously been taking measurements in the foreground of the fireworks display, which could be seen above the water. I heard people around me exclaim how impressive they found the vessel. They also took pictures of the yacht I had been working on. That was a beautiful experience.”


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