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Electric Power in Europe with a special emphasis on Power Quality: newsletter and roundtable

Unique collaboration between Global M&A Partners, JBR Strategy, Corporate Finance & Restructuring and HyTEPS

HyTEPS is particularly proud to contribute to a ‘Power Quality’ roundtable and related themed newsletter from JBR Strategy, Corporate Finance & Restructuring in conjunction with Global M&A Partners Energy & Environment. Power Journal spoke to Mirthe Lantman of JBR Strategy, Corporate Finance & Restructuring, who is closely involved in the creation of both…

“Based on international sector specializations, Global M&A Partners began developing various newsletters a few years ago. For instance, JBR Strategy, Corporate Finance & Restructuring, in collaboration with Global M&A Partners, publishes a Maritime & Offshore newsletter, with a topical theme for each edition. This approach proved highly successful.”

“JBR has a long history and large network in the domestic and foreign Energy & Environment sectors, which is a key sector for JBR, and there are an awful lot of current topics, so last year we decided to publish an Energy & Environment newsletter, too. This is intended for our national and international relations in the Energy & Environment sector and international relations within the Global M&A network, as well as for other interested parties. Think, for example, of governments, knowledge institutes, and investors.” 

Electric Power

Long-term vision for sustainable energy infrastructure

“Power Quality can contribute to the quality of electricity, not only in new but also in existing installations, which means that expansion might not always prove necessary. In addition, Power Quality management can play a role in absorbing large fluctuations on both the demand and supply side. Fluctuations on the demand side have always existed, but with the growth of renewable energy sources, fluctuations on the supply side are also becoming more frequent.”

“The government needs to develop a long-term vision for sustainable energy infrastructure and actively promote this. It should also develop a strategy for capacity use within all this infrastructure. There is also a role to be played by the government in clarifying permit processes faster and speeding up the issuance of permits where possible. All this needs to be framed in sound laws and regulations, which will also stimulate the business community to invest in this sustainable energy infrastructure.”

“For a long time, HyTEPS has had a good relationship with our Belgian JBR partner, Rik van Meirhaeghe. From that cooperation, the idea was born to jointly organize a Roundtable on Power Quality. Prior to this Roundtable, we will be publishing our Energy & Environment newsletter with the theme ‘Electric Power in Europe with a special emphasis on Power Quality’. HyTEPS contributed to this by writing the ‘Power Quality’ section within the ‘Electric Power’ chapter. Interested parties can download the publication from our website.”

Today’s key challenges according to JBR

  • Reinforcement and expansion of the electricity network
    Both central and decentralized (regional grid operators). With the strong growth of renewable energy, accelerated by the war in Ukraine and the desire to become independent of Russian fossil fuels, new demands are being placed on the grid. Electricity is no longer just supplied from a central location, but increasingly generated decentrally and fed back to the grid.”
  • Electrification
    Adoption of, for instance, heat pumps and electric vehicles is increasing, partly due to government incentives. As a result, electricity consumption continues to increase. In addition, electrification of industry will increasingly play a role.
  • Battery systems for storage of generated energy
    Without expansion of the electricity grid, the desired sustainability will be delayed. For instance, some large consumers will no longer be connected or expanded, and solar and wind farms may not always be able to connect to the grid. Staff shortages in the technical sector make these developments even more challenging. By the way, we’re not only seeing this in the Netherlands, but in other countries, too. Storage can be an important part of the solution.

The most important drivers behind the trends

  • Legislation and regulation
  • Transition from fossil to renewable energy (accelerated by the war in Ukraine)
  • Achieving CO2 reduction
  • Internet-of-Things applications
  • Energy management
  • Population and wealth growth

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JBR is an independent, internationally operating management consulting firm with nearly 40 years of experience in strategic issues, corporate finance and restructuring. JBR helps clients at home and abroad to determine the course and continuity of their companies. The company offers a strong combination of strategy, corporate finance and restructuring and carries out the majority of its assignments in six focus sectors. The focus is on honest advice and surprising clients with new angles and sustainably contributing to the development and continuity of companies.

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