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Enabling the energy transition through collaboration and knowledge sharing

Joan van Kessel, General Manager Van Kessel With some 100 employees, 40 gas stations, and…
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Smart investments in sustainability and electrification

Jeroen Scholten,Senior Business Developer Energy transition, Rabobank At Rabobank, we’re sparring with companies every day,…
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Sector Jachten

Electrification and Power Quality on board of yachts

Christan van Dorst, Manager Technical Engineering, HyTEPS Existing and new regulations on emissions and the…
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De rol van opslag bij het realiseren van de energietransitie

The role of storage in making the energy transition happen

Kolijn Venema, Technical Project Manager, iwell BV Dutch company iwell works on projects that bring…
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Want to make a difference in sustainability? Become an electrician!

Jochem van Tilburg, Manager Southern Region, Equans Netherlands Equans is an international technical services market…
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Vakblad Electric Power in Europa

Grid congestion: don’t just focus on individual connections

Christan van Dorst, Manager Technical Engineering, HyTEPS More than ten thousand companies in the Netherlands…
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Improved energy management at PSV stadium

PSV football club is committed to sustainability and has even been recognized as the first…
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Holland Casino: commited to continuity and security

Vincent van Dinther, Technical specialist facilities, Holland Casino Corporate social responsibility is an integral part…
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Ensuring safe supply of power at Amphia Hospital

Eric Borst, Construction coordinator Service Core Safety, Technology & Real Estate / installation manager high…
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Eurofiber: big steps towards renewable data center energy

Martin Vos, Business Innovation Director,  Eurofiber Hans den Heijer, Senior PR & Media Relations Manager,…
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Information about supply quality through data analysis for Netbeheer Nederland

Prof. dr.ir. Sjef Cobben Since 1989, Netbeheer Nederland – the association of Dutch grid operators…
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Enhancing power efficiency for fast-growing global Data Centre infrastructure

Antoni Bosch, Senior VP Telecom Solutions, Prysmian Group Recently, I took part in ‘The power…
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Daphne van Staveren, Schiphol

How smart electrical engineering keeps Schiphol up and running

Daphne van Staveren, Installation Manager, Heijmans Utiliteit In terms of size and complexity, Schiphol’s electrical…
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An eventful year and an optimistic outlook for the future

In 2024’s first edition of Power Journal, HyTEPS’ Management Team looks back at the past…
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Reporting on sustainability and the energy transition with Deloitte

Some 20 years ago, I worked with listed companies such as Shell, Heineken, DSM, and…
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Research and advice for the Oosterscheldekering

The Delta Works is the Netherlands’ most important defense system against high water levels from…
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Ronald Stegers, DAF

DAF: dealing with voltage and current effects the smart way

Ronald Stegers, Energy Manager, DAF Trucks NVRutger Kerstiens, Manager Public Relations and Social Media, DAF Trucks…
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Feyenoord stadion Power Quality

Improving Power Quality at Stadion Feijenoord

Changes to the electrical installation of a football stadium can have a significant impact on…
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‘Unburdening the installation manager’ seminars huge success!

HyTEPS recently held several seminars for dozens of visitors, at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and at…
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Improving Power Quality based on data and analytics

The number of devices capable of measuring Power Quality parameters has increased vastly in recent…
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Vakblad Energietrends 2023

Power Quality trends related to electrification and the energy transition

Nations’ desire to become energy independent and the need to phase out fossil fuels –…
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A smarter approach to electric driving and the energy transition

By 2035, all new cars sold in the Netherlands must be emission-free. In the Netherlands,…
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Cooperation: key to energy transition success 

Everyone working in the field of electricity will need to join forces. In fact, if…
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The rise of DC and the importance of measuring correctly

The need to deploy more renewable energy, the exponential growth in power consumption for data…
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Continuous insight into the quality of electricity for Nyrstar

Since 2010, HyTEPS has been working closely with Nyrstar, a leading international producer of minerals…
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Growing demand for power requires smart collaborations

For some time now, network operators have not been able to respond to all requests…
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Measuring at the highest level with IEC 61850

For years, organizations have used a variety of communication protocols to keep network infrastructures in…
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Verbeteren patiëntveiligheid bij Amphia Ziekenhuis

Improving patient safety at Amphia Hospital

HyTEPS conducted research into immunity and emissions to ensure patient safety and the reliable operation…
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Shortage of electrical engineers

Shortage of electrical engineers: causes, consequences, and solutions The Netherlands is facing a shortage of…
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Vakblad Electric Power in Europa

Electric Power in Europe

Electric Power in Europe with a special emphasis on Power Quality: newsletter and roundtable Unique…
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Vakblad Monitoring voor optimaal inzicht

Monitoring for optimal insight

Know what you’re measuring: monitoring for optimal insight To guide companies through the energy transition,…
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Vakblad Slim omgaan met netcongestie

A smart approach to grid congestion and climate goals

A smart approach to grid congestion and climate goals Jorlan Peeters, Managing Director HyTEPS The…
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Vakblad Energietrends 2023

Energy trends 2023

A closer look at energy trends in 2023 and beyond Demand for electrification and renewable…
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Vakblad Effecten van de energietransitie

Effects of the energy transition on electrical installations

What are the effects of the energy transition on electrical installations? On December 21, Prof.…
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Vakblad Omgaan met vlamboogdrukgolven

Dealing with arc blast pressure

Dealing with arc blast pressure through calculations and preventive measures Work on electrical installations is…
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