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The rise of DC and the importance of measuring correctly

The need to deploy more renewable energy, the exponential growth in power consumption for data…
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Continuous insight into the quality of electricity for Nyrstar

Since 2010, HyTEPS has been working closely with Nyrstar, a leading international producer of minerals…
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Growing demand for power requires smart collaborations

For some time now, network operators have not been able to respond to all requests…
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Measuring at the highest level with IEC 61850

For years, organizations have used a variety of communication protocols to keep network infrastructures in…
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Verbeteren patiëntveiligheid bij Amphia Ziekenhuis

Improving patient safety at Amphia Hospital

HyTEPS conducted research into immunity and emissions to ensure patient safety and the reliable operation…
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Shortage of electrical engineers

Shortage of electrical engineers: causes, consequences, and solutions The Netherlands is facing a shortage of…
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Vakblad Electric Power in Europa

Electric Power in Europe

Electric Power in Europe with a special emphasis on Power Quality: newsletter and roundtable Unique…
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Vakblad Monitoring voor optimaal inzicht

Monitoring for optimal insight

Know what you’re measuring: monitoring for optimal insight To guide companies through the energy transition,…
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Vakblad Slim omgaan met netcongestie

A smart approach to grid congestion and climate goals

A smart approach to grid congestion and climate goals Jorlan Peeters, Managing Director HyTEPS The…
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Vakblad Energietrends 2023

Energy trends 2023

A closer look at energy trends in 2023 and beyond Demand for electrification and renewable…
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Vakblad Effecten van de energietransitie

Effects of the energy transition on electrical installations

What are the effects of the energy transition on electrical installations? On December 21, Prof.…
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Vakblad Omgaan met vlamboogdrukgolven

Dealing with arc blast pressure

Dealing with arc blast pressure through calculations and preventive measures Work on electrical installations is…
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